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What Is the Difference Between a Scannable Fake ID and a Non-Scannable One?

Fake IDs have always been controversial because of their association with multiple criminal offences. While police departments have been taking steps to eradicate the root cause of various transgressions and wrongdoings, fake IDs are still selling like hotcakes. This is obviously due to the benefits one gets by having a fake ID. Fake IDs work as a plan B for most people. If they can’t legally get their hands on something they want, they will fake their identity. A fake ID gives access to alcohol, parties, drugs, check-cashing, apartment renting, cigarettes and all other privileges you cannot have before you reach a certain age. <p><a href="https://gdassistance.com/drivers_license_id_card">buy driver's license online</a></p>

What Is a Fake ID? 

 Any identity that incorporates any sort of forgery to hide your own identity and portrays you as someone else or older than your actual age is termed as a fake ID. This modification is done by unauthorized agencies for deceiving others about the status of the ID bearer. Other than this, using someone else’s real ID for illegal purposes is also a type of fake ID. Possession of Fake IDKeeping a fake ID without even using it can cause you trouble. You can be fined or sent to jail for possessing it because obviously, one will not have a fake ID for anything and will use it for something they are not allowed to do. In such a case, a person will be charged for two things: the criminal activity itself and the usage of fake IDs.

1. The Wrong Person Using a Real ID 

 Stealing someone’s real ID or even borrowing it for any illegal purpose is also considered as a fake ID.ID Passing This is another common type of fake IDs. It happens when one ID is used by many people. For instance, you use your real legal ID to get into a bar and then hand it over to your underage fellows waiting outside through any back door, fire escape, etc.

2. ID Sharing

 ID sharing is another common tactic used to fake your identity. Suppose you are an adult of legal age with a real ID card. You can obtain a duplicate ID while pretending that you have lost your previous one. This is how you can keep one with you and give the other one to your friend.

3. The Difference Between Scannable and Non-Scannable Fake IDs

Fake IDs come in different qualities. Some are scannable, while others are non-scannable. People are spending a great deal of money to get their hands on the scannable fake IDs. This is because an IDscanner is generally able to recognize low-quality fake IDs but fails to identify the expensive scannable ones.

An ID can be scanned through the following ways:

Barcode ID Scanner

The barcode ID scanner often fails at identifying a fake ID if the forgery has been done with a barcode. Itis easy to alter the information in a barcode. High-quality fake IDs have encoded barcodes with accurate information that validates it. Most fake ID scanners use a barcode scanner to identify false IDs, which will only detect fake IDs made with extremely poor quality.

Magnetic Strip ID Scanner

Another way of identifying fake IDs is the magnetic strip ID scanner. It is also a very weak form of ID scanner. A magnetic stripe on the ID can be easily encoded, so one can enter their choice of fake information in it.

Optical ID Scanner

This is an advanced form of ID scanner and can identify even good-quality fake IDs. It uses optical character recognition to read the face of the ID card and goes through the fields of information to identify whether the ID is fake or real. This type of scanning is suitable for passports and licenses as well since it does not require any barcode or magnetic strip to scan.

Scannable and non-scannable fake IDs differ in the way they can be identified as fake. If a fake ID is scannable and passes every type of scanning it goes through, it is high quality and expensive and in high demand.

Scannable Fake IDs

What scannable fake IDs do is fool the barcode and magnetic strip scanner by having proper formatting and proper encoding of barcode and magnetic strip on the IDs, making it look like a real ID card. They have nothing to do with actually altering the data in the database. The advancement in technology has made it possible to give attention to even the tiniest detail on an ID to make it look like a real one. A scannable fake ID has a hologram and logo exactly like the ones on real ID cards. Illegal practitioners can make a fake ID through an advanced fake information generator system to generate Scannable 1 Dimensional and 2 Dimensional barcodes, Encoded ID numbers, and Soundex codes.